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Salthaus Collective is a small but fierce team of copywriters, digital marketers, and virtual assistants on a mission to make business less boring. We use a human touch to build meaningful connections between brands and their ideal audience. Our approach to brand storytelling is rooted in empathy, humor, and memorable conversation.

How can we help tell your story?

Brand Consulting
Give your brand that je ne sais quoi.

Your brand is unique and it’s crucial to reflect that. We’ll help you understand and reign in your brand persona to attract your dream audience.

Email Marketing
Make ’em wanna be pen pals.

Ain’t nobody got time for snail mail. But with our magic touch, you’ll be sending off emails that leave your list forever lurking their inboxes.

Sales Pages
Set your sales page on FIRE.

Ready to launch your newest product or service? We’ll highlight your offer with copy that converts, so you can kick off with a BANG! (And make those dolla dolla bills, y’all.)

Website Copy
Dazzle ’em

We’ll strip your brand down to its birthday suit and write site copy that showcases your best products, courses, or services – with personality.

Blog your heart out.

If content is King, your blog is the kingdom! We’ll help you rule it with SEO-friendly content that your “royal subjects” crave.

Social Media
Love your friend zone.

Engaging your social audience is time consuming, but *so* important. Our monthly social media management packages help you get the conversation going and keep ’em coming back for more.

Don’t stress – delegate.

Too much on your plate? Outsource those “back burner” tasks and take back your time. Our monthly VA packages exist to make your life easier!

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