Meeting Goals When You’re Busy AF (+ a Giveaway!)


Joanna, Creative Lead // Copywriter


This is going to be a somewhat ironic post coming from me, ’cause HO. LY. HELL. did I fall off! But if you’ve come to the Salthaus site in the past – ohhhh I don’t know, month – you were probably met with an “Under Construction” page.

As it turns out, rebranding and rewriting your entire website while also juggling a full-time job, client work, and a move is pretty difficult. Who knew? Now that the site is *FINALLY* live and I have some time to breathe, I wanted to reflect on some of the things that have gotten me through the craziness of the past month – and give a lil’ summin’ summin’ back to my fellow hustlers. (Read on for a kickass giveaway. And HEY! Don’t skim. Big Brother is watching.)
First Up: I Set My Priorities.

When you’re running a freelance-based business and you have plenty of work, it can be easy to put your own brand on the back burner. In fact, I was happy to – and here’s why: Keeping my word is important to me. If I tell my team at my full-time gig or one of my clients that I’m going to get something done, I’d much rather keep my promise than tinker around with WordPress. (To be fair, I’d also rather eat it face-first off of a hover board; but that’s beside the point.) The work I do for others is just as, if not more important than the work I do for myself. (Plus, had the site been up, it would just be more potential clients that I didn’t have the time to serve in the first place.) So instead of running myself ragged, I decided to devote my energy to the jobs in front of me and allow myself time to get it done right rather than fast.

There was also a lot of wine involved.

Since I was letting Salthaus kick back and take a breather, the vast majority of my work days have been spent on other obligations. That means that most of the work that went into rebuilding the site happened at nighttime, usually with a box of wine at my side. (Yes. A box. I’m not above it, friends.) If you’re thinking, “Yeah, but did wine really help?” the answer is YES. Yes it did. It helped because my go-to wind-down ritual is to have a few glasses of wine at night while doing a crossword puzzle or catching up on TV shows that you’d all mock me for watching in the first place. Obviously, if I ever wanted to get this done, Will Shortz and The Voice were gonna have to wait. Wine, on the other hand, was still very much a part of the equation and allowed me to have *some* sense of normalcy/relaxation while I typed away!

Networking was key.

As a remote employee and freelancer, it’s safe to say that the majority of my face-to-face conversations are with my dog, Igby. (It also means that I haven’t worn pants in a while.) When you’re all cooped up in the house by your lonesome and your beagle isn’t up for a chat, you have to look elsewhere. I’ve found online networking to be a GODSEND when it comes to both my sanity and success. I’m a part of twelve different Slack teams – most of which are for other freelancers, small business owners, or copywriters. I also bounce around in a few Facebook groups from time to time. In addition to giving me someone to talk to who actually talks back instead of just licking themselves, networking has saved me a TON of time and money. If I need advice, resources, or outside help, I know where to look. Nine times out of ten, other freelancers are stoked to help their fellow (wo)man, resulting in free or super affordable help. 

(Special shoutout to WP developer extraordinaire Aaron Taylor* for fixing all of the crazy glitches on our site before I tore my hair out.)

*His site is ALSO under construction, but I’ll add a link when it’s live!

Last but not lease, I have accepted planners as my personal lord and savior.

Yeah, yeah – it’s the 21st century and we have all kinds of shiny project management tools, like Asana and daPulse. Call me old-fashioned, but I like to write things down. I get a little thrill out of physically checking off my to-dos. Is that nerdy? Probably. But it works. I am a self-proclaimed planner addict. I’ve tried SO many different kinds over the years, from Moleskine to the Whitney English Day Designer to Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map Planner. Currently, I’m using and loving the Best Self Co. SELF Journal. While I have a special place in my heart for both the Day Designer and the Desire Map Planner, for me – this one takes the cake. (Mmmm, cake.)


Which brings me to our very first giveaway!

One lucky mover and shaker will win their very own Best Self Co. SELF Journal ($32 ARV). And if that doesn’t excite the hell out of you, wait until I tell you a bit about it…

First of all, it’s designed to “organize and align the tactical day-to-day tasks with larger life goals.”  Essentially what that means is that it helps you keep track of your daily life without forgetting your end goals. In the beginning of the planner, you’ll create a 13-week roadmap for your goals and break them down into manageable weekly task sets. From there, you’ll dig in! Each day is laid out into a 2-page template where you can write down your schedule, goals, and targets. At the end of the day, there are sections for you to fill in lessons learned and wins. Plus, there are sections for both morning and nightly gratitudes – which helps you to stay mindful during times of chaos. The daily pages are not date-specific; instead, you mark which day of the week it is and jot down the date. This way, if you go visit Memaw and Pepaw for 2 weeks and don’t get anything done, you can just jump right back in where you left off – no wasted pages! Oh, and there are a bunch of motivational quotes, too. In addition to the daily pages, there is a page devoted to each of your 13 weeks. On these pages, you will set goals for habits and activities, rate your happiness, track wins and lessons learned, and assess your progress. You’ve also got some empty pages at the back for note-taking, doodles, etc. It’s your world!
But wait, there’s more.

You’re also gonna get a dry-erase 13-Week Roadmap to hang on your wall. That way, you can always have your goals and progress in front of you, whether your planner is open or shut. (I find it a bit haunting, personally – but in a productive way.

OKay. Enough yapping. Let’s get to the goods

Best of luck! We’ll be announcing the winner on Monday, May 29th.

Until then… ✌🏻

– Joanna

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