Humanize your brand.

Robots are cool and all, but human connection is what will turn your clients and customers into loyal, raving brand fans.

Someone’s visiting your site. Want them to stay?

You’ve got 8 seconds to

convince ’em.

Eight measly seconds. That’s the average time a visitor spends on your site before deciding if they should bail or not. Most websites lose 50% or more of their visitors in that time. But with a strong brand identity and killer copy, you can keep them around WAY longer. Scout’s honor.

Here are some other things you can do in 8 seconds…

Ride a bull without falling off (probably)
Hopefully you can stick it out, because in American bull riding, it isn’t considered a qualified ride unless you’re able to cling on for dear life for 8 seconds or more.
Judge a book by its cover
Despite being told not to, bookstore browsers devote an average of 8 seconds analyzing the front cover of a book. (In comparison, they’ll spend 15 seconds reviewing the back cover.) See how important great copy is?
Throw an applicant's résumé in the trash
Not unlike with websites or books, you have 8 seconds to grab an employer’s attention with your résumé. If you pass the test, you might just score an interview!
Pick up the phone
Studies have found that it takes a person an average of 8 seconds to answer the phone. (But we’re not fooled – we know you’re just playing it cool and waiting for the third ring.)
Get some food in your belly
Did you know it takes approximately 8 seconds from the time you swallow food until it reaches your stomach? Our own personal research has shown that it takes much longer for feelings of *hanger to subside. Hanger – adjective: the state of being irritable as the result of hunger.
Mate with a chimpanzee
Apparently it takes chimps an average of 8 seconds to uh… reach completion. ALSO, female chimpanzees are known to get it on up to 15 times per hour (which I think we can all agree is a little excessive). That being said, if you’re reading this, mating with a chimp is one of those 8-second things you shouldn’t do.
Isn’t the internet neat?

Let Your Brand Speak.

Your brand is so much more than a logo or a set of fonts and colors. It’s an identity. It’s a voice, an attitude, a personality, a vibe. It’s what brings them to you in the first place… & what makes them stay. It’s an opportunity to connect. It’s an outstretched hand in a noisy digital world. Take it.

Online, every impression matters.

That’s where we come in.

Meet the Collective

We’re just a bunch of marketing nerds who get giddy about great brand experiences.

Ready for your close-up?

If you’ve been struggling to find your brand’s voice,
allow yourself the opportunity to explore.

Brands are complex creatures, just like you and I. Just like our own personalities,
it can be difficult to show the world exactly who and what your brand is.

But by better understanding who your brand is for, you can develop a voice
that speaks to and resonates with your ideal audience.

With a clear brand identity, you can be
more yourself and see better results for it.

We can help.

Collective Thoughts

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Our Clients Love Us…


JoAnna’s chops as a copywriter are a rare and beautiful thing. I’m always happy to recommend her to my clients. Not only is her writing full of style and swagger, it’s also got heart and soul, AND she knows about writing to convert. 5 stars.

Tarzan Kay Founder // Tarzan Kay Copywriting


We hired JoAnna for the copywriting of our website as well as company descriptions on various social media platforms. She did a fantastic job. Really great at communicating. Will surely do business with her again soon!

Nan Hao Founder + CEO // Guiker


JoAnna is AMAZING. I’ve worked with a lot of writers, and no one has even been close to the talent and professionalism this lady has in her pinky finger. I officially want her to write everything I publish from now on after only working together a few short weeks.

Kaye Putnam Founder // Kaye Putnam Brand Strategy


We love JoAnna! Her writing is witty and engaging, plus she’s quick and easy to work with. She turned 20 pages of (vague) bullet points into 32 fabulous emails, in about two weeks = mind blown! Working with her is a no brainer.

Allison Haag Content Marketer // Teachable


JoAnna is magic – plain and simple. She took one conversation and captured my voice and style perfectly. But, she also managed to add in personality that I just couldn’t get into my own copy no matter how hard I tried (and I’m a writer!). She worked quickly, without fluff, and I ended up with copy I love with barely any back and forth. Do not wait – get her on board as soon as you can.

Amy Mitchell Founder + Systems Strategist // DoWhatYouWant

I am SO beyond grateful that I found JoAnna to write my entire sales page (and some FB Ad copy!) for me. Not only did she create messaging that spoke to my avatar’s struggles, she scoured a variety of resources to truly understand who she was speaking to. With simply hoping to get some emotion into my sales page, I was presented with JoAnna’s writing that not only had emotion… it made me want to buy my own product!!! Seriously. JoAnna just GETS it. She understands how to write copy AND how to market AND how to seamlessly work together to deliver copy that replaces my robot writing with real human writing tailored exactly to my demographic.


Jasmine Schmalhaus Founder // Your Dinner Is Planned

… & the feeling is mutual

Let's be pen pals.